I hadn't known Nancy before sharing a house with her and other therapists at AGPA in New Orleans. It is difficult for me to know she is gone, as I didn't know she was ill, and I had looked forward to seeing her again in NYC during the past AGPA. I felt her warmth, sensed her skill and enjoyed her company for those brief days. I send my wishes to her family and friends. May you be comforted with your memories and by those who truly knew and loved Nancy.
---Miriam L Iosupovici
I am so very grateful to have known Nancy's generous heart and deep wisdom, for whatever time we had together. I was so shocked and sad to get this news that it's taken me weeks to even respond. How could it be, that it was just last year that we sat and had dinner in her and Faws' home and shared political banter and good wine (thank-you Faws!); and just a few years earlier that she met with me a few times in caring community with a close friend who had gone to Antioch and was seeking support in her career as a therapist. Nance has been a model of heart, perseverance, humor and grit and I will miss her dearly. I'll do my best to carry her gifts with me into my work and will always think of how her warm and curious eyes were able to listen in that deepest way we all so wish to be heard. Love you Nance!
---Anna Stookey
Nance, I'm so glad I got the chance to learn from you. You were a great teacher. Then you became my friend and I consider myself lucky that our paths crossed and our friendship grew to be such a meaningful one. Don't worry, I'm still going to help Faws decorate the Christmas tree. I miss you and am going to keep missing you terribly but always feel love and fondness with the sadness. Love you Nance.
---Yekta Nikou
My favorite cousin and a great friend for over 60 years. So desperately sad...
I was so shocked and saddened to hear about Nancy's death. I did not know her well, but a few years ago, as I was starting out as a therapist, I contacted her for a "networking lunch." She was so gracious, so generous with her time and had such a fantastic energy. We met a few times after that and I truly enjoyed our times together. She gave me great advice and offered of herself so freely and genuinely - something I aspire to. Upon hearing about my love of genealogy, she even had me doing some research on her family! I am sad I will not be able to attend her memorial service and hear all the wonderful stories that will be shared. Most of all, I am sad that I will not get to have another lunch with her. Condolences to everyone touched by such a well-lived life!
---Andrew Halladay
Nancy was my therapist for over 10 years, I began working with her when I was in graduate school back in 2007. She was there for me during some very difficult times in my life and wonderful, joyous moments too and I cannot thank her enough for what she gave me with her no-nonsense presence and guidance. She continued to see me even in her last months, her writing her interventions on a legal pad when she could no longer speak. It is clear she loved her work and being of service to others As a therapist myself, she is still alive for me every day in my clinical work as she has informed my approach with clients, a model for the therapist I am today. There is no doubt I miss her deeply. Lots of love to you Nancy, because of you the world is a better place to live in.
---Renee Sher-McMeans, LMFT
Nancy was a part of my re-creation. She helped me believe in me. Words are a fragment of the lives she changed.
In Nancy's group therapy class, we read Yalom, learned to hold the frame, and took in Nancy's wisdom, her sense of focused presence, and her unique spirit. She was a class act, suggesting that we could be that, too. When class ended, she fed us scones and shared her trade secrets with us in her beautiful home office. All who knew you, both professionally and personally, are forever touched. I'll miss you, but your legacy will live on. May friends and family find comfort in this time of sorrow.
---Shayne Vitemb
How incredibly lucky we were to move to LA and end up with Jim and Nance as our next door neighbors. I still find myself looking down the block in hopes of running into Nance returning from one of her daily walks, always impeccably dressed, with her visor on and earbuds in. I miss her wry comments and affinity for four letter words. I miss the many kindnesses she offered our family, including little gifts for our children on holidays, or sometimes "just because." I miss her insistence that we "get something on the calendar" to catch up over a glass of wine. I miss bonding over our shared Yankee traditions. But most of all, I miss her advice and friendship. Nance, because of you, Los Angeles became more than just our current address - it became our Home Address. You are greatly loved and greatly missed. -- Erin, James, Will & Rory
---Erin Bray
Like many others, I was a student of Nancy's Group Therapy class at Antioch in the early 2000's. I remember her fondly, her casual attire yet commanding professional presence. She modeled the art of being a therapist and a teacher while still being a "real person" beautifully. I have tried to carry a similar presence in my own work as a therapist. Nancy's work and life will never be forgotten. My deepest condolences to her loved ones.
---Charlotte Bradley, LMFT
Nancy was a most beautiful soul - gracious and stylish, loving and caring, witty and sharp, talented and inspiring. It is hard to speak of all she was – photographer, gifted teacher, dedicated psychotherapist, group leader extraordinaire, community builder, world traveler, host of countless parties and gatherings, kitty mom, New Yorker, art lover and patron, supporter of non-profits, and a really, really wonderful and generous friend. I met with Nancy about once or twice a month or more over coffee and in supervision group, for over twenty years. She was always cool no matter what, had time to share and listen, and we set our worlds right with one another’s help. I am missing her like crazy. I love you Nancy and treasure all our memories. I can never forget you and your influence and exquisite being is with me always.
---Penelope Starr-Karlin
I last saw Nancy in December 2016. At the time, she was my personal therapist, and I had decided to take a break from the work because of the difficulty she had with speaking. My concern for her as a friend was conflicting with my needs as a client, and she understood this. I had no idea that this was the last time I would see her, so the hug I gave her at the door takes on significantly greater meaning for me.

I did not know she was suffering from ALS. Her death came as a shock to me, not only because of the sadness of it, but because of how hard it is to believe that this life force is silenced. I remember her telling me once, in session as we discussed her difficulty with speaking, that she "wanted her life back". I get it, Nance, I get it. I knew then that she was scared, but of what I did not know. She was a woman who was still very much living her life. And yet we just never know, do we?

I met Nancy when I was at Antioch University Los Angeles, like many people did. She was my Group Therapy teacher, and I remember being drawn to her warmth, caring, and passion, as well as her knowledge of human connection. Years later, when I was looking for a new therapist for myself, I thought of only of her. I think I wanted that experience of warmth in the therapy room, since my own mother was, well, somewhat cool. Imagine my surprise when I started with her, and upon sitting down, she was...silent! I waited for some intro into discussion, some small talk or casual conversation, but none came. So I just started talking. She explained to me later that it was vital to her that her clients have space at the onset to connect with what was going on with them, and that idle conversation could be a way to block that access. I get it, Nance, I get it! From that point I saw her off and on over the next eight years, and I always felt that she was one of my greatest champions, and certainly the FIRST person to ever say to me, "You have every right to be angry about that." Imagine.

Since I was also a therapist, we had a sort of professional friendship that we maintained without ever breaking the boundaries of the therapist/client relationship. We just cared about each other, and we shared more than a few things in common. This has become a template for the work I do with my own clients. She was, in a way, a sister to me. And to think that I went into therapy looking for a mother! Just goes to show that what we need often shows up as a surprise.

My grief at her death is tempered by the absolute knowledge of her continued influence in the world of education and community building. Nancy was a bridge--a bridge made of solid asphalt that had not quite hardened, allowing for some spring as you crossed. She bridged students to learning, she bridged clients to awareness, she bridged friends to community. She was much loved because she loved so much, and this is just one of the reasons that, despite her death, she lives on in every one of us who honor her. TH
---Tony Davis
Nancy was a wonderful human being. She was my teacher, my therapist, and my colleague. She had taught me forgiveness in times of anger, and peace in times of war. She contained me with mothering love. My tears cannot explain enough how much Nancy will be missed. I love you Nancy.
---Samara Al-Dahwi
Nancy was a true teacher. She had a wealth of knowledge and was very generous with it. From the resources she provided in the Group class, to her invitation into her office so we could continue learning about setting up a private practice to her one day class on photo interpretation - she provided rich information. Always gentle but firm, always perceptive but accepting, and always prepared but spontaneous - she was an exemplary teacher. I recently thought about her and remembered how hard I worked in her class in order to answer her questions and here her say, "Bingo!" She truly lives on in our work.
---Jessica Lamden
Aloha kakou from far off Hawaii. Scares me to think of how long Nance and I have been friends since days when we were 18. It's surreal to me that she is gone. Her spirit lives on in those she taught and helped along the way in life. The Hawaiians have a saying that means "we will see you again"......
Ahui Hou, Judi Moore
---Judi Moore
Nancy Fawcett! Absolutely the nicest, coolest person on the planet! Loving, gifted, kind-hearted, funny, straight-forward, gentle, understanding and my dear friend. So shocked and sad to hear the news and I'll miss her with all my heart. I used to tell her she was the best-looking 70+ year-old white woman I knew! She laughed and loved it. She was my first real friend from our days at ABC. The best part, she wanted to remain friends after I left my internship and went back to college -- truly my gain. And that friendship has lasted 38 years. I've seen and heard the good, the bad and the ugly and through it all she handled everything with class and grace.
I will miss you my dear one. Jim, so sorry for the loss of your love.
Peace and blessings dear Nancy, the universe has called you home.
---Erma Elzy
I had the privilege of being in Nancy's group therapy class a number of years ago. Nancy was warm, insightful, funny, passionate, and extremely knowledgable. I remember feeling like I wanted to grasp every morsel of what she had to disseminate to us- there were countless pearls of wisdom that she shared- not only about therapy, but about life. Every class she challenged us to go outside our comfort zones and stretch into uncomfortable places where we had never been before. It was an incredibly enriching experience to be in class with her. I grew a lot as a student and as a person that semester, largely due to her influence! I will never forget how she invited the entire class over to her home office after the semester was over, so we could see how a therapy practice could be operated from one's home, and she spent a lot of time offering suggestions on setting up a therapy business after graduation. It really made an impression on me that Nancy would open her home and heart that way- but that was her- she cared deeply about her students and went that extra step to make each of us feel special. I feel blessed to have known her and will always carry a piece of her with me, as she inspires me to go deeper and take risks in my current work with my clients. Thank you, Nancy. You were one of a kind!
---Caryn Bunder Malkus
I was very saddened to hear of Nancy's passing. She was so very gifted as a teacher, and I will always cherish the memories I have of being her student in my Group Therapy course at Antioch. Rest in peace Nancy, you will be missed. Blessings to her friends and family during this time of transition.
---Diana Pash, LMFT
I was gifted with Nancy's love, kindness and wisdom as she mentored me after I graduated from Antioch as I explored how I was going to transition my career from business executive to psychotherapist. She went above and beyond in every way to assist me. She make me believe that making this transition is possible by her loving and patient presence, her remarkable modeling and her continuous mentoring. I am deeply saddened by her death, and know that heaven must have needed a remarkable group therapist to call her home at this time. Nancy, you will always hold a dear place in my heart and I will forever be grateful to you. Your garden, office and open-heart were sanctuaries for me each week. I send love and comfort to your family.
---Grenda David
Nancy was a trusted and loved professor at Antioch and in my heart. My deepest condolences.
---Erik Plaht
Nance was immensely gracious to me in her group class at Antioch, which I didn't really need to take, because of prior experience. She made it easy and shared her considerable wisdom freely. She became a friend afterwards and helped me greatly in my professional development. I miss her.
---Stephen Burton
I'm so deeply saddened to hear this news. Her heart and goodness made the world a better place, her contributions in her field were life changing for so many. I will never stop feeling the ripple of her life and wisdom in my own. Catherine
I'm stunned by the news of Nancy's passing! We shared a love of kitties and helping others. I'll especially remember her sense of style, like her adding stick-on flames to the sides of one of the safest cars in the world, her Volvo station wagon. You've gone too soon, Nancy!
so sorry to hear of this sad news. I will always think of Nancy as "the oracle" and whenever I wear fancy flip flops. Sending Dr. Faws, big hugs and lost of love.
---Linda Grimes
Nance will be greatly missed by our family. She and Jim were so friendly when we first moved into the neighborhood. Then, on years when we couldn't go to the East Coast, Nance and Jim welcomed us like family to their Thanksgiving. Their warmth and generosity will never be forgotten...
---Sean, Denise and Kate